Success Stories

Since our inception in 2005 Women Making a Difference have trained over 700 women across Wales, empowering them with the skills, ability and confidence to succeed.

We believe it is important to share some of the success stories to encourage other women to achieve their potential. On these pages you will find a series of real women's stories on how they overcame their barriers and achieved the goals that they set for themselves.

All of these women have taken part in the Women Making a Difference training programme.

Babin Molik

BablinBabin is an alumnus of Cardiff University, having read Biochemistry and following that up with a PHD in Bioscience. She owes the support of Women Making a Difference as Babin found the confidence to get involved in her local community and more notably, politics.

"Being a minority Bangladeshi girl, there were plenty of barriers that I had to overcome to reach the level of education that I have achieved. Then after my degree I had an arranged marriage which was followed by a strong family pressure to have children. There were barriers at each stage of my life and even in science - the survival of women in science and academia is challenging. Having had both my pregnancies during my PhD made it even more difficult for me.

I first heard of Engendering Change through a women's organisation that I was working for and it was recommended to me by a colleague. I don't know what it was about the course, but I felt so comfortable discussing issues with the other women. "

Angeline Tshiyane

AngelineOriginally from Zimbabwe Angeline moved to the UK in 2000. Always keen to be involved in the community she joined a local Church and went on to establish the Batanai group – a community organisation which raises funds to empower women in Wales and Zimbabwe. Since undertaking training with WMAD Angeline has enrolled in a degree in Community Development.

When I came to the UK community life was not what I had wanted it to be but I started getting involved by joining a church and participating in their work. I met some other Zimbabwean women there, many of whom were elderly with no-one in the UK to support them.

I began to wonder how many people this was affecting which prompted me to start a support group for Zimbabwean women called Batanai. I established the group in 2007, meeting in my living room.

Kath Parry

Kath Parry - success storyKath is a true example of a WMAD success story. Despite a tough childhood and having to deal with numerous health problems and losses later in life, Kath has battled and has come out on top. Kath's confidence was severely knocked but owing to participating in our courses and role shadowing, she was able to find her voice.

"I didn't really have a life until I was 11 years old, but things changed when I got taken into care – that's when my life really started. It was my foster mum who taught me the values I have today.

I never went to college and I had my first job at the age of 14 working in a cafe. It was in my early twenties when my health started to really deteriorate. Amongst other problems, I was diagnosed with 'spinal synosis'. I had to give up work and became depressed. After a bad few years I met my partner Peter and we have been happy together for many years.
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